We discovered what we thought was a weed the other day–however, we were surprised to discover that in fact, it seems to be a sprouted walnut.  We transplanted it to the South Campus Garden, where we’re not so sure it will survive.  However, does anyone in the blogosphere know about how to care for young walnut pants?  If so, leave us a comment!  Below is a picture, before we put it in the ground.





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2 responses to “Walnuts?

  1. Dad-from-Davis

    Love the blog, but I may be a tiny bit biased! I suggest the old “test of time” approach. Look at images of English (aka Persian) Walnut. The leaves will have a completely smooth edge, when mature. The leaf edges in your photo look more serrated, but the youngest leaves on a plant may not match their mature shape. If it is a Black Walnut the leaves will end up being distinctively pinnately compound (look it up!) as the tree grows. Once you’ve figured out which it is, check with Oregon State University Agriculture Extension websites.

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