Hops are hopping

On sunday we expanded our pre-existing hops trellis with the help of two friends, Lucy and Kevin. Now the hops can grow freely and soon will be providing us with delicious beer. Kevin is one of the leaders of the Zymurgy Club on campus, which will use the hops to create homemade, local brews. Here are some photos of the building process. ImageThe trellis before the makeover


ImageThe workers. Passage is the one touching her butt.


ImageFinished! It might be the tallest structure on campus…

Keep posted for more updates on our hops adventures.




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2 responses to “Hops are hopping

  1. Trudy Herbert

    It is great to read your blog! Glad to keep up on what you are doing! The hop trellis is very interesting.We have a hop farm about 10 miles from us that is part of the Rogue Brewery. If you visit sometime, I will happily take you there and even buy you a beer! Love, Aunt Trudy

    • Thanks Aunt Trudy!
      I will have to make the trip down this summer to see that–I’m sure it is quite phenomenal. Thank you for the support! Stay tuned for lots of berry-adventure posts.

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