Green Tomatoes Forever?

It’s a given that growing tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest is tough, due to late summers, long rainy days, and weak sunlight.  We planted tomatoes in early May, and by now most of the plants have fruited, yet all are still green.  Every other part of the world seems to be harvesting tomatoes except for us. Does anyone in the blogosphere have experience growing tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest?  If so, it would be great if you could comment and help us out.Image

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  1. suzie

    Much of a tomatoe’s destiny to ripen in the Willamette Valley is dependent upon variety. Much of our ability to speed along the ripening process while the tomatoes are still on the vine is limited, however there is one trick that usually works: stress the plant. Tomatoes can be dry-farmed quite successfully if the planting conditions are right. From this method we learn that when a plant is stressed, i.e. not getting water, it does what every plant’s destiny is – try to reproduce. So, if you cut the watering, your tomatoes will ripen. there are also post-harvesting methods of ripening tomatoes which involves naturally produced ethylene gas, whihc I will be happy to share if you like.

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