Hops are hopping

On sunday we expanded our pre-existing hops trellis with the help of two friends, Lucy and Kevin. Now the hops can grow freely and soon will be providing us with delicious beer. Kevin is one of the leaders of the Zymurgy Club on campus, which will use the hops to create homemade, local brews. Here are some photos of the building process. ImageThe trellis before the makeover


ImageThe workers. Passage is the one touching her butt.


ImageFinished! It might be the tallest structure on campus…

Keep posted for more updates on our hops adventures.



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We discovered what we thought was a weed the other day–however, we were surprised to discover that in fact, it seems to be a sprouted walnut.  We transplanted it to the South Campus Garden, where we’re not so sure it will survive.  However, does anyone in the blogosphere know about how to care for young walnut pants?  If so, leave us a comment!  Below is a picture, before we put it in the ground.




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Herbs, not spices

We have discovered a beautiful array of perennial herbs in our garden that beg to be turned into something yummy.  The other day, Kristina found a dehydrator on Craigslist (shouts out to “Bill”) and we have been experimenting with herb creations.  We have been dehydrating thyme, sage, rosemary, lavender, mint, calendula flowers, oregano, and lemon balm.  However, we learned through trial and error that lemon balm does not do so well when being dehydrated, as the heat burns the leaves.  So, we will by drying this one by hand via a hanging method.  We also learned the difference between herbs and spices today:  Spices are obtained from roots, flowers, fruits, seeds or bark, while herbs come from leaves of plants. Below are some of our early creations, and soon we will be concocting delicious dishes on which to use them.  Don’t worry there will most definitely be pictures of those as well.

Below are some of the herbs in our new (and growing) collection.

image copy

photo copy 2

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Planting progress

We planted a gazillion different vegetables in the South Campus garden today. Soon we will be eating Walla Walla sweet onions, spinach, sweet corn, pumpkins, kale, chard, and wildflowers (but we won’t be eating those). We are keeping track of which seeds are heirloom so we can harvest the seeds in the fall. 

This morning we were pleasantly surprised by the yield of strawberries that ripened over the weekend. They are small and sweet. ImageHere’s a strawberry seconds before Kristina ate it. Feast your eyes.

It’s gonna be a great week for gardening in Portland! May you and your plants have good fortune this week.


~Passage and Kristina



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Meet the gardens

We realized we hadn’t posted photos of our entire gardens yet. So, here they are. ImageThis is the David Rosengarden. It is the undergrad campus garden and the smaller of the two. It is pretty well tamed and thriving at the moment.

ImageThis is the South Campus garden. This photo was taken in the middle of last week. It was almost entirely weeds before that. We have been working a lot on this garden and will post updated photos soon.


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Artichokes are beautiful

On Friday we had our first official (albeit small) harvest: two artichokes! Neither of us had much experience cooking or eating artichokes, but my parents happened to be in town and my mom knows how to cook everything. We prepared them by clipping the thorns off the outer petals and slicing each artichoke in half, and then steamed them for 30 minutes. When they were ready we dipped the petals and hearts in my sister’s delicious mustard vinaigrette–a blissful combination.

Image    One of the artichokes, ready to be cooked.

Two weeks ago we had another (less legitimate) harvest of swiss chard that had been planted a while ago and had gone to seed. Since it held up fairly well to the old taste-test* we decided to use it in a relatively simple and stress-free recipe: Swiss Chard Antipasto from the Moosewood Cookbook. It turned out pretty tasty and although modern culture dictates that we should have used a camera to extensively document the experience, we forgot to take pictures.



*a method that we use repeatedly, and for less than ideal purposes such as differentiating between weeds and vegetables.


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Green is a great color

Green is a great color

Our little babies have decided to grace us with their presence. Soon we will have many fine green beans to enjoy and share. Photocred to Kristina the expert photographer.

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May 29, 2013 · 12:47 am

Meet the ladies


Welcome to our summer of planting things and hoping they grow. As we readied one of our gardens for the glorious vegetables and flowers to come, we realized that although ivy is extremely invasive and a pain in the ass, it also looks great on our heads. Passage is in the black raincoat and Kristina is in blue. If we remind you of Greek Goddesses that’s ok.

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May 29, 2013 · 12:12 am

We are going to blog about plants.

Once upon a time Passage and Kristina were hired by Gabe to spend the summer planting plants and growing food in the Lewis & Clark Community Gardens.  With little experience but much ambition, we are about to undertake a summer of flora, fauna, unreliable weather, and eventually some great food.  Wouldn’t you like to join us?


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