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Mom in the garden!

Mom in the garden!

Last Friday my mom helped us in the garden! It was so nice to have an extra pair of hands and we had a lot of fun working with her. We made quite a bit of progress weeding and laying down copious amounts of bark chips. Thanks mom!

Stay tuned next week for “Dad in the garden!”, featuring Passage’s Dad.


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July 3, 2013 · 8:58 pm

Green is a great color

Green is a great color

Our little babies have decided to grace us with their presence. Soon we will have many fine green beans to enjoy and share. Photocred to Kristina the expert photographer.

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May 29, 2013 · 12:47 am

Meet the ladies


Welcome to our summer of planting things and hoping they grow. As we readied one of our gardens for the glorious vegetables and flowers to come, we realized that although ivy is extremely invasive and a pain in the ass, it also looks great on our heads. Passage is in the black raincoat and Kristina is in blue. If we remind you of Greek Goddesses that’s ok.

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May 29, 2013 · 12:12 am